Air and Substances

Since they are important in physics, biology, and chemistry, teaching about air and substances is crucial for understanding various phenomena. We are currently working on the following content: atoms, molecules, ions and their properties, air composition, structure and formation of the atmosphere, air pressure, weather cycles and photosynthesis.

At the request of the students, the following questions will be discussed in more detail:

  • What is air?
  • What does it consist of?
  • Why is air transparent?
  • Why do we breathe?
  • Why do we need air?
  • How do we inhale air?
  • How is breathing controlled?
  • Where does the body direct oxygen?
  • Why can certain gases be toxic?
  • Why do plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen?
  • How do plants process carbon dioxide?
  • How much carbon dioxide do trees absorb?
  • How do you weigh air?
  • How did air come to Earth?
  • What is air pressure?
  • Why do airplanes fly?